I just submitted my application, what happens now?

We strive to communicate with every applicant within 2-weeks, upon which time we might ask to speak with you or need to gather more information.  If you're application is not moved forward, we'll also communicate that to you.

I'm qualified, so why wasn't I offered an interview?

While our small team loves to communicate individually, due to the sheer volume of applications we review it is not always possible to speak to every candidate.

What is the interview process like?

The first step is usually a 30-minute phone call.  Depending on the job, we might ask you to answer a few basic questions on a survey to demonstrate your "tech-savviness".  We also want to make sure you have the opportunity to evaluate us as well, so there's plenty of time built in for you to ask us questions.

Where are your offices located?

We're headquartered in Austin, Texas and located throughout the United States.

If I'm not offered the position, will HelpHerd give me feedback to improve?

We understand the value of feedback for your career, but due to the high volume of applications it is not typical for our small team to deliver individualized feedback.