HelpHerd Enterprise

Created for senior living,

used by residents, loved by all. 

Go beyond

IT tickets

Stop troubleshooting issues that aren't issues, and instead enable your residents with HelpHerd to call.

Reporting and

preferred pricing

Monthly usage reports, tiered pricing, and a customer success team aligned with your community.

Free up

your staff

Let your front desk be the front desk, and let HelpHerd's equipped experts #TechEmpower your residents.

We'll help your residents:

Video chat their family or doctor

Use an app to order food or groceries

Print, scan or e-sign documents

Discover digital entertainment safely

Set up or fix any device

Trained to serve seniors

With patience & simple language

We specialize in using simple language to describe complex things in a calm manner.


We'll teach,

or do

65% of seniors want to learn, but 35% just want their tech tasks done as fast as possible.  We'll do either.


With tools and


A lot can be done with simple language, but we also use remote access, manuals, and other resources.

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